About me

So something about me. My name is Ales Tomis and I have been a photographer for ten years. This hobby and now also my career came to my taste as a boy who walked behind his father in his darkroom. Maybe there I caught the first love for photography. But the 35mm film was not right for me, so I’ve been waiting for the digital world that suits me a lot more. I also photograph in the photo atelier. I also photograph classic portraits and family photography.

As a wedding photographer, I have been in this profession for seven years. During this time, I documented almost hundred of weddings. The experience I have gained during this time helps me to capture the uniqueness and beauty of every single wedding.

I like to travel. I’ve visited a number of exotic countries like Egypt, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Morrocco … and I do not mean holiday resorts. In the Russian Caucasus, as a passionate tourist, I climbed Elbrus, the highest mountain in the Europe. These countries have expanded my view of the world, which is now reflected in my work.

I am a vegan. I do not need animals to eat to find out that I like them. I also believe it’s so healthier. But it belongs elsewhere.

Aleš Tomis
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Fashion photography, lookbooks for models, art.